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31 of July, 2014

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31 of July, 2014

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31 of July, 2014

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31 of July, 2014

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Seconds
by Rebekah Mikaelson

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31 of July, 2014



German comedy ladies and gentlemen.

Well. Helpful German lady is helpful :P

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31 of July, 2014


Lana 11-12/°°

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30 of July, 2014

Regina Mills Appreciation Week - Day 2: Favourite Scene

I’ve always loved the Rumple and Regina interactions in whatever capacity, however this was really poignant. When Rumple took on Regina as his apprentice, he was the only person who had paid attention to Regina and her potential. I’m not saying his intentions were correct and he was only using her for his own purposes, however he made her feel wanted and appreciated. Regina finally had someone who was proud of her achievements and she wanted to make him proud. I’m guessing in some ways Regina looked up to him as a father kind of figure because she was so young at the time of being taught by him. No one had ever acknowledge her being a mother and what kind of job she had done with Henry, so when Rumple said ‘you raised him well’ Regina felt like that young girl again who made him feel proud in her and his grandson. 

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30 of July, 2014

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Into The Woods | 2014 ()

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